Video’s big, really big, numbers

Think video content is “catching on?” Believe it, says Search Engine Watch. According to comScore Media Metrix, about 201.4 billion videos were watched during the month of October. To watch all those videos (which average about 5.5 minutes each), one of our ancestors would have needed to start streaming video about 2.1 million years ago, that’s in the Pleistocene period. That ancestor on cavetube might have caught the super volcano Yellowstone take-out about half of Wyoming and Montana.

Google sites, themselves, carried 88.3 billion videos during October. It would take 486 billion minutes to see them all, that’s about 924,658 years of screen antics.

So, who’s watching all those videos? Turks lead with 93.6 percent of Turkish Internet users watching video during October, followed closely by Canada with a 90.9 percent video consumption.

Big numbers. Another reason pointing out why it’s important for UMSL to post video content in our quest to best-communicate with our constituencies.

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